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Munch, Crunch, Pirate Lunch

Bloomsbury 2016


I'm an Illustrator, writer and designer.


I'm currently in the middle of a four book deal with Bloomsbury. The first two books, The Beastly Pirates and Sir Scaly Pants The Dragon Knight came out in 2015.  The third book is called MUNCH, CRUNCH, PIRATE LUNCH, and is a sequel to the first Beastly Pirates book. It comes out in Summer 2016.


2017 will see the first picture book I have written, but NOT illustrated myself. It is being illustrated by the amazingly talented Steph Laberis. Frankly this is a stroke of luck as she is way more talented then me.


This will then be followed by Hibernation Hotel for Little Tiger.


The second Sir Scaly Pants book, SIr Scaly Pants & The Dragon Thief, will also be published in 2017.


I am still illustrating the wonderful series written by Kaleb Krisp, about the incredibly annoying Ivy Pocket. The second book, Somebody Stop Ivy Pocket is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting reader.


Over the years I've worked for HotKey, Quercus, Scholastic, Macmillan, Hodder, Kingfisher, Simon & Schuster, Aardman animation, Lucasfilm, Radar pictures and many others. I have written and illustrated my own and others picture books, young fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction of every subject area imaginable, storyboards, concept art and treatments for film.


I've been shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway prize twice ('Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?' and 'Scoop!'). I've also been shortlisted for the Royal Society/Rhone Poulenc science book prize four times, ('The Robot Zoo', 'Everyday Machines', 'Pox, Plagues & Pestilence' & 'Don't Flush).


I've also extensive experience as a designer in both non-fiction and Licensed publishing with Dorling Kindersley (among others) where I helped create books for Lucasfilm and Pixar. 


All my work has been digital since 1995.


You can contact me either directly through the contacts page, or through my agent

Jodie Hodges






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